Restaurants Within Walking Distance of an MBTA Stop

Largest circle represents: Restaurants Total: Reviews Total:
Station 1 5 Rating

This visualization offers a comparison by location of restaurants and origination of yelp reviews based on data centered around each MBTA stop. The data can be filtered based on categories of restaurants to provide an understanding of disparities or similarities of location within each ethnicity or type of food. Using Yelp data of 3303 restaurants and 382.6k reviews, we are able to depict an aggregate overview of Boston neighborhoods based on a walkable distance (500 meters) from each MBTA stop.

Visualizing Restaurant Clusters

This spatial representation gives us an understanding beyond the routing information that a traditional map offers by displaying the shape and size of restaurant clusters within Greater Boston. By brushing over sections of the map, we can visually inspect the layout, density, and mixture of restaurant types surrounding MBTA train stops. Additionally, we placed Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee shops and select universities to serve as landmarks.

Check out this video and our process book on our process in making the visualization above: